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-old woman stabbed to death in her home. living next to the man who turned are to be her killer. doug hill. north of the area, heavy thunderstorms trekking in. [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient. this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not betteoff under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty housand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. northth american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message. but it makes millions off west marylanders every year. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney now they're running dishonest ads. why? becae voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for o
are still cleaning up after the flooding. we really do not need more. >> that is true. doug hill is in the weather center. >> especially tomorrow and then tomorrow night, we do not need more of it. let's go to our storm scan. showers across the mid-atlantic. a warm front moving in. maybe some remnants left over from is it. it is a soupy mess out there. that will be the story through the evening. but check out these temperatures. 88 at reagan national airport, but when you factor in the humidity it feels like 95. isolated showers and thunderstorms hours through the evening. more for you coming up. >> remember, you can get this information, including a look at the radar, any time on line. and also with the back for your -- the app for your iphone or android. and the fourth time this year one neighborhood has flooded, and it is really just as bad each time. they have not been offered much in terms of good news. we have more with suzanne tonight. >> take a look behind me. you can see the anxiety being felt here. sandbags at the doorstep of this brownstone. d.c. water says there is n
meteorologist doug hill, and it tim brant, sports. this is abc 7 news at 6 on your side. >> learning more tonight about the death of sun myung moon. >> rev. moon died in korea. greta kreuz explains about his significant impact in the washington area. >> there are 1500 members of the unification church in the washington dc metro area and today they were remembering the man they called a messiah. >> at the unification church in northwest, they gathered to date to remember their founder and messiah,rev. sun myung moon, and their family. >> it is about bringing god's kingdom to families and breaking down barriers. >> he became renowned for arranging marriages for virtual strangers and presiding over mass marriages. >> it's a good marriage. >> he found it "the washington times" against the extreme liberal media bias. reverend moon believe in the need for a powerful free press to convey accurate and permission and moral values. he joined forces with african- american churches here in the million family march and became good friends with this roman catholic priest. >> he is a profit. he's a mess
of the area. >> should we expect more showers tonight? let's get the word from doug hill. >> we will have some showers and a few downpours but they will stay south of the washington metro area. partly sunny and warm and humid. there are the showers. moving from left to right and from west to east. we will watch more showers around virginia and kentucky. that line is continuing. of rain will keep an eye on that for you. check in with him at 11:00 p.m. it is the heat and then he read the meantime. these are the temperatures. when you factor in the moister and feels much warmer. 91 in washington and feels like '95 in gaithersburg. partly sunny and warm and muggy. the chance for showers south and southwest. >> some big changes are in the works for the board of the metropolitan washington airports authority. greta cruz joins us from this room. this involves reports and some lavish spending by members of the board. >> that is right. they have taken a real beating lightly. you remember that nine dozen dollar plane ticket to the czech republic. the board passed new travel rules for itself and its emp
for the content of this advertising. >> you are watching abc 7 news with gordon peterson, doug hill.yan, >> tense moments for passengers flight this week. >> the plan was hundred when a had an outburst. -- the plane was on which when a passenger had an outburst. cell phones video shows the passenger paste the aisle, alcohol, and threatened passengers. >> a special delivery for the silver lining project slows up at tysons corner this morning. trucks delivered materials project onruction route 7. of thes become part pedestrian bridge. the first phase of the silver open latescheduled to year. >> metro riders can expect delays this week and once again. be singlerains will between fort totten. yellow line trains will single line between huntington and braddock road. on the green line, buses replace between branch ave. the work starts at 10:00 tonight and runs through sunday. e weekend coming up after some evening showers. this is how we looked earlier. this is down at wintergreen, and see those morning clouds. we still have a lot of clouds around. you can get an idea of the cold air coming our way. ha
is direction in time r the weekend. doug hill joins us with when the expected to arrive. >> it is going to be a nice weekend. tomorrow we could get showers and storms. look at our score -- storms can. sunshine, breezy, warm tomorrow. that cold front will generate thunderstorms after four o'clock and some of them severe for the d.c. and new jersey. at the moment, sunshine above the belfort furniture weather center. be a beautiful evening. we are calling for clear skies temperatures in the 70's. we go from summer to autumn morning. changes in the local weather. that in aghlight minutes. >> new developments in the over the a voter on same-sex marriage. several well-known members of clergy within the african- speakingcommunity are favor of allowing gay men and lesbians to marry. jennifer has why they're getting involved. why is that? 8000 members and invited several well-known explain theyrs to speaking out because he not an issue of gay or straight. about civil rights. >> to take a position, to limit the civil rights of anyone, is to take a position to limit of everyone.hts words from the
doug hill joins us with a look at what we can expect. >> more widespread showers and storms tomorrow, but right now warm and muggy. some showers downpours well to the southwest, the roanoke valley charlotte into the piedmont area, and this warm and humid air. a few showers just east the eastern shore. there will be isolated showers tonight. it is warm and muggy. with the humidity and the dew points it feels more, mike is 93 right now in washington. it is like 91 in baltimore. a a few thundershowers. temperatures dropping into the 70's. the possibility of a few showers and warm and muggy conditions. overnight, we will remain in the 70's. we will check this out for you more in a couple of minutes. >> sunday night's downpour was the fourth time a neighborhood in northwest washington has flooded this year. according to the water authority, the storm dumped about 3 inches in 90 minutes and there is little they can do because it some other recent storms have been the biggest in years, and the system simply cannot get the water out quickly enough. >> and it d.c. taxicab devices to streamli
. there's the threat of severe weather over the next 24 hours. doug hill has the first look at what we can expect. we could have light showers overnight into the morning. there will be a better chance storms and systems over our area. ere are the light showers. the heavy rain, tennessee, mississippi. that and the cold front will chance to bring us the of possibly severe storms tomorrow. be 3:00 untill 10:00 tomorrow night. the greatest threat will be high damaging wind. isolated tornadoes are not out of the question. temperatures in the 60's overnight. drab start today. the weather will be active by afternoon. be all over with our watch weather team. >> animal lovers in d.c. and payingthe nation are to an important birth at the national zoo. zoo officials welcomed a panda cub last night. >> such excitement at the zoo. been waiting for the years, waiting to put the sign. to wait a couple more days. take that long before see the new baby panda. >> i had no idea that she was expecting. >> do not feel bad. was not sure. now they know. last night, they heard something distinct. loudly.b cried s
the changes that could be coming too fast food chain chick-fil-a. >> i am doug hill. a huge changeover yesterday's rain. a preview of fall next. "it's time to stand up to the cheaters and make sure we protect jobs for the american people." mitt romney? tough on china? romney's companies were called pioneers in shipping us manufacturing jobs overseas. he invested in firms that specialized in relocating jobs to low wage countries like china. even today part of romney's fortune is invested in china. romney's never stood up to china. all he's done is send them our jobs. i'm barack obamna and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] this is america's manufacturing when president obama took office. this is china's. under o obama, we've lost over half a million manufacturing jobs d for the first time china's beating us. seven times obama could've stopped china's cheating. seven times he refused. it's time to stand up to the cheaters and make sure we protect jobs for the american people. [ male announcer ] barack obama: failing to sto
. >> doug hill has the word on when the storms will arrive. >> tomorrow there will be significant storms and downpours. maybe flooding. a mess. it is a cloudy day. temperatures in the lower 70's. the story is the advancing storm center. these will bring moisture and potential for wind. all kinds of things are possible. there is a slight risk of severe weather already. the timing is 1:00 p.m. heavy rain is a possibility, but the wind is a bigger probability. overnight, scattered showers. the same in the morning. 3:00 tomorrow afternoon into the evening is when we will definitely be on storm watch. >> we are falling breaking news from virginia. authorities are investigating a murder-suicides that left two people dead and another with a gunshot wound. we do have a crew on the way. check back with us for more on the developing story. police are on an active scene in the district. there is a barricade situation going on. it is at 13th and congress. it involves an overnight shooting. the neighborhood is on lockdown. sam ford is live with the latest. >> i am in congress park in southeast washin
day. it looks fantastic. there will be a major swing and the temperature. doug hill joins us with a nearly look at the forecast. >> we have no changes to what we have been calling for. of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. some of those could be heavy. meantime it a spectacular out there. camera atk at our this high school. temperatures are 77 degrees. 76 outside the furniture center. 79 in the nation's capital. 75 in of gaithersburg. through the evening, 56-63 over 9. be breezy and warm. deliver front could thunderstorms to the area. much cooler air on sunday. a lot to talk about on a friday night. in asiahave that minutes. up toember you ca the weather from wherever you are with the abc7 app. watch >> president obama came out today at a rally he his opponent mitt romney over his comments at a fund-raiser. the president said you cannot washington when you write the country before taking office. his 47% a reference to comments. for therter was there speech. theome breaking news from campaign, ann romney's make an emergency after it filled with smoke. everyone is ok. we will
gorgeous day out there today. but we're hearing it might be down hill from here. doug? >> down hill, but the slope is not like this, vance. more like this. more of a cloud cover issue than a rain issue. but we will see some rain too. 5 out there right now with winds out of the southwest at 12 miles per hour. still fairly mild. and a lot warmer than it has been the louisiana couple of days. right now also seeing mostly cloudy skies. temperatures around the region falling down to around 70 along the i-81 corridor. we still have some showers that are trying to move towards the region that is a sign of things to come. we'll talk about our chances of rain over the next couple of days in just a minute. >>> coming up on news4, hikers caught in a landslide. we're getting our first look at what it took to rescue women who had to dodge rolling blocks. >>> a trip to the bank ended in a trip to the hospital for one customer. >>> and the nfl chooses a side after a game-changing call is made by replacement refs during comical. >> because how can two people call two different things? >>> you're wa
and three other workers at the u.s. consulate have died. doug luzader is live on capitol hill with more on this morning's event. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we are still waiting for confirmation on this. this is being reported just by reuters at this point and so far, we have not gotten a comment from either the white house or from the state department. but if this is true, it represents a serious escalation in what is taking place in these protests we've seen break out both in egypt and in libya. reuters reporting that the u.s. ambassador to libya has been killed as well as three other staffers from the embassy there. all over the protests that broke out over a video that was produced by u.s. citizens that depict the prophet mohammed in very unflattering terms. that sparked protest both in cairo and in benghazi, libya. there is a serious situation. there is concern that the protests may spread to other countries. this is very much an ongoing situation. >> and just a little bit of background too on ambassador christopher stevens. we are looking at his picture right n
mohammed. let's get more from doug luzader live on capitol hill. >> good morning. as you mentioned, the u.s. ambassador apparently killed there we are still waiting for confirmation from either the state department or the white house. they are only saying that one u.s. staffer was killed. but if this is, in fact, triewrks it represents a dramatic escalation in the situation there. chris stevens, 52 years old, a u.s. aim bass done to libya. he had been a key player in the region for some time. he worked to help the libyans overthrow qaddafi. he was in no way connected by this video produced by an american here in the united states. he was nevertheless caught up in in violence. we have seen that violence break up in libya and in egypt. there is concern that violence might spread. >> in this particular attack in libya do you know, i heard reports of gunfire, rocket attack. do we know exactly what happened? >> you know, as far as the specifics, we don't. that's why we are waiting for confirmation that this even took place. so far, reuters confirmed that the u.s. ambassador was killed. and we
spoke out. they held a news conference with assemblyman jerry hill outside their hope. they stood under a treehouse that doug built with his son, brett. two years ago, 19-year-old brett crashed his car and died after a night of drinking on a party bus. now governor brown has signed hill's new party bus law -- party bus law. starting january 1st, bus companies must require chaperons when people under -- chaperones when people under 21 will be on the bus. >> the party is over. enough is enough. our youth, our valuable. >> bus companies and drivers who break the law face misdemeanor fines and possible loss of licenses. >>> the "exam inner" reports that -- "the examine" reports that the sheriff's attorney want to look into the perjury issues more with mayor lee. >>> a landscaping crew discovered something big at hyde street near fulton when they hit something. the bricks, concrete and steel turned out to be the old city hall that collapsed during the 1906 earthquake. the current city hall building which is smaller than the original was built less than half a mile away. work started in 1913
another attack from armed protestors last night. fox's doug luzader is live on capitol hill with more on the attack. >> reporter: we are hearing from the white house this morning that the president was told that ambassador stevens was unaccounted for last night. and then he learned this morning that he had been killed. the big concern right now for the administration, where does this all stop? into the darkness the violence raged on. protestors targeting the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, and apparently u.s. citizens, as well. killed in the rampage, the u.s. ambassador to libya, christopher stevens, as well as at least three other americans. stevens had been a key figure helping libyans overthrow moammar qaddafi all of this over a video produced by a u.s. citizen and uploaded on youtube that depicts mohammed as among other things a womanizer. >> don't make our people angry because they will kill! they will fight! they will do such a situation. >> reporter: it mirrors the scene in egypt where protestors stormed the u.s. embassy in cairo. the embassy's first response was to condemn
couple days and what's coming up f this weekend. >>> thanks, doug. there have been two violent robberies on capitol hill in just the past couple weeks, while police are investigating if these crimes are linked, another robbery is coming forward. jackie bensen is in, where jack jackie? >> reporter: there are mo cops on the streets as a result of these crimes, but some -- many in this neighborhood feel even more niece to be done. i was walking home from lunch. had, you know, a bag of food, and somebody came behind me and the medics said they had a brick. >> reporter: for 27-year-old capitol hill resident matthew marriott, news reports about the tragic robbery and beating of t.c. maslin, have brought up memory. the same thing the suspects were apparently after. >> the gentleman who was assaulted f what more do you want? >> mar yet wonders if he pushed it further if police explained his attack. >> i wish i had done something more when i got mugged to get more word out this was happening. we love our community, love our neighborhood. we have neighbors that are really good friends, but, you kn
the lives of others. doug and linda studebaker spoke at their home with assemblyman jerry hill. hill authored a bill which was signed into law today that will tighten loopholes around underaged drinking on party buses. the couple's 19-year-old son brett was killed two years ago when he crashed his car after being on a party bus. >> and i feel happy that something good can come out of something so bad. and that's, i think -- >> i think it's nicely put. we feel brett's presence quite a bit. we know that brett is smiling down on this day. >> the new law requires an adult chaperon, ids to determine who is under 21, and many other changes. the law takes effect january 1st. >>> meanwhile, in a separate case, the chp is still investigating the death of a 25-year-old woman who fell out of a party bus and died on highway 17 in july. >>> well, from the company that made googling a verb, a new way to get around. a bit of california history made at google headquarters today as the governor signed a bill into law making the driverless car street legal. nbc bay area's business tech reporter scott
. >> it's a move that investors favor, but some economists are skeptical. fox's doug luzader has the details from capitol hill this morning. >> reporter: this action goes a lot further than many expected. the markets seem to like what happened. dow shot up over 200 points. juiced after the always somber ben bernanke made his announcement. >> we're about trying to get jobs going. we're trying to create more employment. >> reporter: fed will be printing more money by gobbling up $40 billion a month in bonds. >> to the extent home prices begin to rise, consumers will feel wealthier, will feel more disposed to spend. >> reporter: that cycle, higher home prices leading to more consumer spending, leading to higher company profits, leading to more hiring, should lower unemployment the fed thinks. but there are risks. if home prices rise, first time buyers could be shut out of the market. and all that additional cash floating around the economy could create another difficult to solve problem, inflation. >> it seems to me this is a departure from what the fed has been doing. it's an attem
the long term it's in our best interest. >> doug wilson, appreciate your time. national security adviser for the obama campaign there. >>> still to come here, a former witch. that's right, former witch, may try for a second time to win a spot on capitol hill. we will tell you who, although you've probably guess who had we're talking about. >>> then coming up later, the latest on the teacher strike in chicago. the teachers union meeting right now. can we expect a resolution this hour? we will bring you the very latest from the windy city. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! ♪ [ acou[ barks ]ar: slow ] ♪ [ upbeat ] [ barks ] beneful playful life is made with energy-packed wholesome grains... and real beef and egg. to help you put more play in your day. [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze...
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